Just Say No

No …I will not allow your deceptive spirit in my ear, mind or flesh.

No…I will not allow my spirit to entertain your purposeful foolishness of speaking my lack or failure in my life.

No…I will not allow you to manipulate me with your words and actions because you’re unhappy with yourself.

No…I will not allow you to re-bruise old wounds that have begun to heal in my life.

No…I will not allow you to push me out of my character in response to your actions.

No…I will not allow you to mail discontent and negativity my way.  Please return to sender; you got the wrong address.

No…I will not accept your issues and provide excuses for your lack of desire to do and be better.

No…I will not accept the falsified fairy tales about me that you believe in your own head and try to recruit others to believe.

The moral of the story here is that sometimes you have to be intentional in declaring NO against all things that hinder your positive well-being regardless if it’s your family, your friends or even yourself.  What are you declaring NO against today that keeps you in bondage from being all God desires you to be?